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Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Reader POV~

“_______(Name) It’s time to wake up. I have some…news.”

You slowly wake up to Arthur’s voice. You sit up and rub your eyes. He’s in your bedroom! You blush seeing him. You are only in a nightgown!!

“A-Arthur?! What are you doing here?”

I see a blush on his face as well.

“T-There is no time to waist. Clan leader, Allistor, has announced a ball for all noble vampires. He wishes for you to join him as his special guest. He is really excited to finally met you…”

“A ball?! I-I’ve never been to a ball! W-Why do you look down?”

“W-Well…I never actually….”

He sighs.

“I never told him that you where human…”

Your eyes widen in shock.

“W-What?! Won’t they all kill me!?”

He shakes his head fast.

“No. Vampire or not you are the artist, who makes the artwork he loves. He would never kill you. He will protect you against the other nobles. It will just be a surprise. If it makes you feel any better, I will be there too. I will not let any harm come to you, love.”

You nod, feeling better that Arthur will be there. He smiles.

“We have four days to educate you in the manners, dancing, and clothes of a noble ball. Are you ready?”

A real ball!! You’ve e never been in a real ball before let alone be trained for one! And Arthur will be there…in a suit. Your heart beats faster at the idea and you can tell he hears the difference in you heart beat.

He tilts his head, “Are you okay?”

You nod yes, “Of course! I’m just really excited about it! I’ve never been invited to a party let alone a ball!”

He looks surprised. “You’ve never been to a party? I can’t believe a beautiful women like yourself hasn’t been to tons of parties.”

“W-Well…I’m not very social…I spend my time drawing instead. I love my art.”

“Well, ______(Name) I will have you fit for the ball an I guarantee you will have an amazing night.”

For the next four days you learn how to act at a ball. Lukas teaches you manners. He is very well behaved and teaches you how to act properly at a ball. He teaches you how to place silverware, how to hold your drinks, how to make small talk, and how to walk. You decided that you like Lukas. He’s calm and quiet but smart and opinionated. Andrei taught you more about vampires. He taught you how they talk, their social network, how each vampire is born with same level of powers but they have one think they are more powerful in like fire as an example, and each clans ranking in power, ect. And Arthur taught you how to dance. It was amazing dancing with him. You stepped on his feet a couple of times, but he’d just laugh, smile, and encourage you to keep trying. By the end of the lessons you were dancing pretty well, not perfect but still good. You loved looking at him, while you danced. He looked like the perfect gentleman and it made you blush. It’s the night of the ball and Arthur said he has the perfect outfit for you.

“What is the dress?”

He smiles, “It is perfect for you! I made it myself.”

“Y-You made it?! You can do that? Wow! You’re talented!!”

You see him blush a little, “You don’t think it’s not…a wussy thing to do?”

You shade your head ‘no’; “It’s really sweet that you would make something for me.”

Crap! Now, you’re blushing too!

“Well, close your eyes.”

You close your eyes, excited! What would the dress look like? Will you like it?

“Okay, open your eyes, now.”

In front of you is a red dress with a black belt with diamonds across it. It has a ruffled chest piece with a ruby heart shape in the cleavage with a one strap over the right shoulder, leaving the left shoulder bare.

“I-It’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.”

“I choose red because…well, vampires are naturally attracted to the color red.”

You smile excitedly, “I’ll try it on, right now! So, get out. I’ll do my makeup and then show all three of you in the living room.”

He leaves and you change into the dress and then do your make up.

You walks down the hallways, which you have a good understanding of now, to the main living room. You open the doors to see Arthur, Lukas, and Andrei all in suits talking on the cough.


They all turn to look at me and stand up. They all seem frozen except for Lukas. He walks up to me with a smile on his face.

“You look amazing, ______(Name). Just remember all the manners I taught you and you will do fine.”

I nod and do a curtsy for affect.

“Thank you very much, kind sir.”


I look up to see Andrei and Arthur walk up to me. Andrei has a smug look on his face and Arthur’s blushing.

“________(Name) you look absolutely stunningly beautiful.”

I blush back at Arthur.

“I….I really do?”

He seems to be at a loss for words and just nods.

Andrei chuckles, “That red will defiantly attract lots of vampires.”

“That’s a good thing?”

Lukas smiles, “Yes, it is.”

Vampire!Arthur POV~

The moment I saw her in that dress, I felt my heart beat faster. She was stunning. That red…oh my gosh that red!! I could feel my fangs start to elongate and I have to mentally force them back in. That heart on her cleavage…I felt my face flush. She was just beautiful.

I’m so mad that my damn brother is her ‘date.’ I want to be by her side, but it’ll all be over after this ball. We will go back to getting to know each other and hanging out. Then all make a ball for just us two.

I shake my head to come back to reality.

Reader POV~

I see him shake his head.

“Ready to meet sir Allistor, ________(Name).”

He reaches out his arm for me to take and I wrap my arm around his and follow him to the other side of the castle. Lukas and Andrei follow behind us. Finally, we come to a hug door and Lukas and Andrei open it for us.

My mouth drops.

The ballroom is full of beautiful vampires in extravagant dresses, dancing. The room is full off gold and red everywhere. A huge crystal chandelier hangs in the middle of the ballroom. The tile is gold with a pattern of red that flows like water together. The walls are in the same pattern. On the far right side of the huge room is a stage with a marvelous throne and a man in a gold and red suit sits on it. Lukas and Andrei branch off to their own dates as Arthur leads you to the man on the throne, who you assume is Allistor. We step onto the stage and Arthur bows respectfully. You copy his movements the best you can. It’s dead quiet and you can feel all the eyes on you and Allistor stands up.

“Arthur, you never told me ________(Name) was a human.”

“I didn’t think it mattered what she was as long as you like her artwork.”

“Yes…well, it doesn’t matter. She is still my guest. All vampires are forbidden to touch her.”

He looks out and all the guests bow in acknowledgment.

“A ball is still a ball. Lets have a good time. ________(Name) is my honored guest and will spend the ball with me. Arthur you are dismissed.”

Arthur bows and walks off the stage.

“Come with me _______(Name) lets dance.”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

You grab Allistor’s hand and dance with him on the dance floor.

“I am in love with your art. I have bought your art for a long time. However, when I saw your latest artwork of the place I live…I was blown away more than ever before. You’re artwork has stolen my heart.”

You can’t help but to blush.

“T-Thank you so much. No one has ever complemented my artwork to that degree.”

“I appreciate artwork.”

For the next few hours you and Allistor talk about art. You find out that Allistor is extremely knowledgeable in art and that Allistor and you have the same likes, dislikes, and tastes in art. You have a fun time with Allistor, but you always look for Arthur. You see him dance with some beautiful vampire women. You feel jealous, but at the same time you have fun with Allistor. It was just a ball, though. After this is over, everything will go back to the way it was. You probably won’t even see Allistor again. The ball is, finally, ending.

“This was wonderful, Allistor. Thank you for the wonderful dances.”

“Thank you. Now, that I have talked to you I feel better than ever before. You being a human has hindered my plan, but not much. The only thing I desire more than art is an artist vampire queen to rule by my side.”

Allistor gets in his knees an pulls out a huge diamond ring with a red band.

“So, ________(Name) will you let me turn you into a vampire and become my queen and my wife.”

You are completely shocked. The only thing you notice more than your racing heart is Arthur’s shocked and heart-broken face among the crowd, watching.
is a 30:points: commission for :iconartisan-garden:
I Hope You like it. Sorry, it's taken so long!! My life's been....crazy :iconotlplz:
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Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6: Here!!
Chapter 7: Coming Soon!!

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I Do own the story line.

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:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


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:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


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:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


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:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

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