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June 6, 2013
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Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Readers POV~

It’s been a day since you saw Arthur feeding. You haven’t seen him since. In fact you haven’t seen anyone. They are probably all feeding with the new blood your painting provided for them. You find your way into the kitchen and get some food to cook.  You put on an apron and start the stove. It was a good morning. You couldn’t stop feeling happy. For some reason, a new emotion seems to have taken over you. You don’t recognize the emotion and you have never felt it before. You just shrug the idea out of your head and are content with being happy. You start humming as you flip the omelet you are making. Just as the omelet hits the pan, you feel a strong touch on your shoulder.


You jump up and turn around, startled. Arthur is standing behind you with a wide smile on his face.

“No need to be so scared, _____(Name).”

“A-Arthur!! I haven’t seen you guys in a day!! Of course you scared me!!”

As he laughs you take a better look at him.

“W-Wow!! You look so much better!!” You can’t help blushing as the words escape your mouth.

His skin isn’t pale white like the days before, but it has more of a flesh tone to it. It’s doesn’t look exactly like a normal humans, but it’s closer than the days before. He isn’t slumping like before. He looks energized. Before he had this tiredness look about him, but, now, he looks like he could burst with energy and fly to the moon.  But, the most marvelous change was his attitude. He looks happy, really happy.

“Hehe.~ Well, your blood is to thank for that. I-I mean not YOUR blood!! B-But, the painting that I traded for the blood…not that anyone was h-hurt!! I promise!! I mean…”

“Arthur! Arthur, calm down. I get it. It’s fine. I’m getting used to the whole vampire thing. It’s okay.”

You, instantly, see him relax.

“R-Really? Your not scared, love?”

You know “love” his just how he talks, and there is no meaning to the word; but, you can’t help blushing again. You nod.
“Vampire, werewolf, tengu, succubus, whatever. It doesn’t matter, you are still you!”

He smiles at your words.

“That’s good to hear! So want help making that omelet?”


He helps you cook and while you eat, he tells you more about vampires and all the different clans.

“S-So, now that you are full on blood…c-can you show me some of your powers?”

His face, instantly, lights up.

“It’s a cloudy day outside, so it’s perfect. Take my hand.”

You don’t even think about the danger he is to you, or what he can do. You, instantly, take his hand with complete trust in him. He takes you outside the castle.


He starts singing? No, singing cannot describe the sound. It isn’t any human words. It isn’t any musical notes made by human instruments. It is…animalistic, but beautiful. Colors fill the air, almost like smoke, but the colors become the air. The colors turn into matter. Then they burst out, leaving the castle grounds. Your heart sinks. You turn to Arthur and he smiles, signaling me to wait. You wait and a few minutes later you see the colors glowing, coming back, but this time creatures surround them! Creatures you’ve never seen before. There were fairies, nagas, nekos, tengus, nymphs, elves, and other creatures you don’t recognize. They all seem to dance. You look at Arthur. He too is covered in the magical colors. They were colors that were beyond the human spectrum and became a matter that’s unknown to the human world. Arthur starts dancing with them. It’s the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. After awhile, Arthur dismisses the color, making it all fade. As the colors fade the creatures do to.

“That was AMAZING!!!! what was that colorful stuff? I’ve never seen those colors before!! Were those creatures real? I mean…”

Arthur giggles and smiles, putting a finger over your lips.

“When my powers are strongest, I use my vampire essence to call up what you just saw. It has many names. But, basically it’s the gateway to my dimension. The dimension where all magical creatures come from, and I can use it to open the portal. But, before you ask. No. I’ve never been there. Only creatures, who are born in that dimension can go and come as they want. I was born here. All I can do is make a rip in dimensions and welcome natives over here. I can’t do anything more.”

At this point, your mouth is wide open from shock and amazement. Another diminution?!

“I’d LOVE to draw it…”

He smiles even wider.

“I can’t show you that, but do you want to see something else amazing?”


He steps right in front of you and pulls you into him like a hug.

“Hold on, tight.”

You wrap your arms around his head as all of a sudden your moving. You’re moving up! Your flying!! The ground is getting smaller. You’re floating above the castle.

“You can fly!!”

He smiles and nods. You blush because his face is only inches from yours. You put your head on his shoulder, so you don’t have to see his face.

“I-It’s beautiful…”

He laughs.

“Want to see the world, love?~”


All of a sudden, you’re flying upward again but way faster!! You hold on for your life. You’re knuckles turning white. You get dizzy.

“_______(Name)? You can open your eyes, now.”

Still feeling dizzy, you peek over his shoulder and your jaw drops. The forest and castle looks indistinguishable! They look like ants!! All you see is patches of green and brown. You look up. The clouds are all around you!! One rams into your face, making you cough.

“______(Name?) Is everything okay?”

“Clouds aren’t made of cotton candy!! *cough* They are made of water!!”

Arthur bursts out laughing.

“I-It’s not funny!”

You end up laughing to.

“T-This is beautiful!! We are so high!! I can see for miles and miles!!”

“Looks like we are on top of the world, huh?”

“Yes, it does!”

You two loose track of time and space up in the air. Eventually, you have to come down when the sun starts to rise. You two eat dinner together, and he walks you to your room.

“I’m going to draw us next!! Us in the air! I’ll call it, on top of the world!!”

He smiles wide.

“I’d love that!”

He walks closer to you, and you feel your heart beat faster. He looks like he’s struggling with something. He holds your cheek, lovingly.

“Goodnight, _____(Name) have a good nights sleep.”

You watch as he leaves your face flushed. That strange feeling you had been feeling all day just got stronger and you can’t help but thinking you are going to dream about him tonight.

Vampire!Arthur POV~

I just left ______(Name) in her room. It was an amazing day. The look of awe on her face as he opened the rip in dimensions and when she was in the sky! It was amazing to see her face! I can’t help, smiling remembering it all over again. Her art has grown on me. Just like she has. She’s just a human, but she’s not afraid of me. After seeing me covered in blood, I expected her to run away and I’d have to explain it all to Allistor. She stayed. To top it all off she likes being with me. I saw the blushes. She got embarrassed. That’s a good thing, right? Damnit! I’ve never fallen for anyone before!! Let alone a human!! But, she excites me. Great. Now, I have to go to an audience with Allistor. What a horrible way to end a perfect day. I walk across the bridge to Allistor’s own private sector of the castle. ______(Name) will never go here. Two of his personal guards are at his conference room. I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. He always was more of a “king” than a “clan leader.”

“I am here for an audience with Allistor.”

The two guards open the door, having been notified about the meeting beforehand.

I walk into the room to see my brother sitting at the head of the conference table. So much for “everyone’s equal with a round table.” Allistor refused to have anything but a rectangular table with his seat at the head, of course. After all, he is the only one who can purify human blood.

“Brother! You finally made it.”

“Of course, brother. I would never miss a meeting with the clan leader.”

He smiles.


“I have been looking at all the artwork ______(Name) has made, and I think it is about time I meet with this amazing artist. I am hosting a noble vampire ball in four days.  Every noble from all the clans on earth are invited, and _______’s(Name) artwork will be featured. I want her to be there as my honored guess. I am excited to finally meet her. Buy her everything she needs and prepare her for the ball. A vampire with that much artistic talent must look like a piece of artwork herself.”

Oh, shit!

“O-Of course, Allistor. I will inform her right away.”

“You may leave now.”

I get up my heart beating out of my chest as soon as I leave. I never told Allistor ______(Name) was human. I never said she wasn’t. I just knew he loved art, and on a whim he found her art on the Internet. There wasn’t any point in telling him. It never mattered. He got her art. He was happy. He purified blood for us to drink. Now, he wants to meet her. There shouldn’t be a reason to worry. Allistor doesn’t hate humans. In fact, he is rather found of them. I have gone on many “hunting” trips with him. He was always gentle with the creatures. He always has a…kind look on his face, when he drained a little of their blood. Allistor, certainty, never showed that kindness toward his own clan or his family. ______(Name) wouldn’t be hurt. If anything, I will be punished for not telling Allistor. Nothing really will change. ______(Name) will still create art for Allistor and he will purify blood for us to drink. And…I smile at the thought. I will be able to spend more time with _____(Name) here at the castle. I might even get the courage to confess to her.

Vampire!Allistor POV~

I watch my brother, Arthur, leave the room a smile on my face. Finally!! ______(Name) is here!! In the same castle as me!! Ever since I saw her artwork, I have fallen deeply in love with her. Her beauty is imprinted in her artwork. Even if she is not a beautiful vampire because her affiliation is with art. That means her vampire’s aptitude is not physical beauty. It doesn’t matter. Her beauty is in her soul. Which, I can feel in every artwork she makes. This ball is the prefect opportunity.

In four days, I will formally propose to my dearest vampire artist and make her my queen, who I have been longing for and searching for, for many years, and who I desire more than any piece of art.

......To be continued.....
is a 30:points: commission for :iconartisan-garden:
I Hope You like it. Sorry, it's taken so long!! My life's been....crazy :iconotlplz:
Please Comment Everyone!!!!

Chapter 1:
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Chapter 7: Coming Soon!!

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I Do own the story line.

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:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


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