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February 3, 2013
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Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Readers POV~
You start to hazily wake up from your long sleep. You hear the hum of the limo. It sounded like a humming bird flying to his nest.

“Owe…My head.”

“Oh, my lady, are you awake?”

“Ah” All the memories come back to you.

“Yes…I remember a man coming out of the woods…then a guy with glasses saving me?”

“Alfred, he is the man with the glasses that you saw. What else did you see?”

You think hard trying to remember.

“Nothing…My head got foggy and I think I fainted.”

You can see Arthur nod from the backseat.

“That’s understandable.”

You’re head is pounding. You just want it to go away. You sit there for about ten minutes, until the headache, finally, goes away. You hear Arthur cough, clearing his throat.

“I’m terribly sorry about all this _______ (Name). I feel responsible as I’m the one who hired you to come here.”

“I-It’s okay. I’m fine. Alfred? What’s that his name? He saved me. I’m fine. I still want to do the commission if you’re wondering.”

You hear him sigh in relief.

“I’m so glad, you decided to stay. Allistor will be thrilled to see your artwork. Ah! I believe we are here.”

The limo stops and he gets out to open the door for you. You step out and your mouth drops.

You are in the driveway of a Romania castle. There are oval towers connected to square and rectangular ones. All separate, yet combined to form a masterpiece.  It is huge. You have never seen something so tall and wide. There must be over twenty rooms in there! The white blends in with the black night, shinning in the forest. The roofs are shaped like a cone and are coppery reddish orange color. It might be your imagination, but it looks like the moon itself is shinning down on the castle, making it shine as the master of the forest.

You don’t know how long you stood there before Arthur patted you on your shoulder, making you jump.

“Ah, Sorry, dear, but would you like to come in?”

He is carrying your luggage and you can’t help but to admire his nice manners.

“Sure…S-Sorry…It’s just so amazing and beautiful!”

Arthur smiles in amusement.

“Yes, well, as I said before Allistor is a wealthy man.”

Arthur opens the door with a key, and then he holds the door for you. You gasp. If you thought the outside was beautiful, you hadn’t seen anything, until now. The walls are covered with extravagant purple wallpaper with red roses. The ceiling was covered in a painting of the night sky. The floor was covered with a rug that must have been hand made. It was all brought together with a large chandler hanging from the ceiling with crystals reflecting wondrous light throughout the room.

You hear a giggle, “My dear, if you don’t go in the castle will fill up with cold air.”

You shake your head, getting out of the trance, “Oh, Right. Sorry.”

You walked into the castle still amazed. Arthur shut the door behind you.

“This way Madame.”

You followed Arthur though a corridor of hallways. You couldn’t help thinking that you would never find your way out alone.

“Arthur! Where have you been! Everyone’s thirsty! You talk to Allistor yet?”

You and Arthur turn around to see man with shaggy light brown hair, with red eyes, wearing a small top hat with a red and yellow ribbons coming out of it.

“Arth-” He smiles as he looks at you. “Why, who have you brought here? A midnight snack maybe?”

‘A midnight snack’? What was he talking about?

Arthur frowned, “This is _____(Name). She’s the artist that Allistor loves so much. _____ (name), this gentleman here is Andrei Kogalniceanu, also known as Romania.”

“N-Nice to meet you A-Andrei.” You say a little nervously.

Andrei’s attitude changed. He became excited and welcoming. “Oh! It’s you! Welcome to Bran's castle!! We are all VERY excited for your visit!” He licks his lips. “Now with your artwork, we can get Allistor to give us more food!”

You are confused. What did your artwork, the leader of the family, and food have anything in common.

Arthur got mad, “Andrei!! That is not proper talk in front of the lady!!”

Andrei got a confused look, and then suddenly, it looked like a light bulb when off, “Oh!....So, She doesn’t know yet.” He shakes his head and yawns, “That’s stupid she’s going to find out eventually. Anyway, nice to meet the famous artist we keep hearing about. I’m going back to go drink what little supplies we have left. Bye, you two.”

You watched Andrei leave with a confused look. ‘Supplies’? What is going on? You start to get nervous. You can tell something secret is happening around you, and it makes you a little scared.  

Arthur turns around and smiles at you, “I apologize for Andrei’s rude attitude. He can be very…blunt to people. I’ll give you a tour of the castle.”

Arthur takes you around the castle to the kitchen, dinning room, library, and so many others that you lost count. He never talked about Andrei or his comment. He always kept your attention with details and history lessons of the castle. It worked. You completely forgot about Andrei and instead, admired the castle. However, that unnerving feeling never left you everywhere you went. You come to two huge doors.

“This is the last stop before your guest room. This is the ballroom.” Arthur opens the door. The room is much like the entryway. There was a crystal chandler, but this one was red and reflected red light throughout the room. In the middle was a wooden floor for dancing. There was a section with an old couch and chair like a resting station after dancing. There was also a stand for a band to play on. You walk in listening to Arthur’s lecture, and then you stop in front of the couch. Lying on the couch is Andrei and sitting in the chair is a short man with light blond hair and dull blue eyes. He is wearing a belted, navy blue sailor top with a lighter blue collar, tie, and cuffs, with matching pants and sailor hat. Your heart started beating faster. They both had a whine glass filled with red liquid. You have had red whine before…and that red liquid didn’t look like red whine. Some of the liquid missed Andrei’s mouth and dripped down his cheek. You looked closer…I-Is that B-Blood!? You shake your head. You must be exhausted form your encounter with the pervert. There’s no way they could be drinking blood! …Right? Both of them look at you. Andrei looks excited.

“Hello, _______(Name). You haven’t met him have you?” He points to the short blond hair blue eyed man, “This here is Lukas Bondevik, also known as Norway.” Lukas gives you a shy wave. You slightly wave back, your nerves building.

Andrei keeps on talking, “So! _____(Name). How do you like the Castle?”

You gulp feeling caged all of a sudden, “I-It’s Amazing. Everything is so beautiful and extravagant. Arthur has been telling me all about the castle.”

“Looks like Arthur has chewed your ear off,” Andrei smiles.


D-Did you just hear a growl from behind you?! You shifted, feeling even more uncomfortable. Something was off.

Lukas Interrupts, ignoring Andrei’s glare, “So, ________(name). You’re the human artist that Allistor loves so much?”

H-Human? What does that mean? You just nod, “Y-Yes, Allistor has been my client for awhile now, ordering lots of my artwork.”

Lukas just looks back at his whine and takes another drink. Andrei follows Lukas and takes another sip of his glass.

You stumble backwards. Andrei’s light red eyes glow a dark deep red, and Lukas’s dull blue eyes change to the same glowing red. After they drink, you see that both of them have fangs, sharp fangs that have the red liquid on them. You turn around and start to walk backwards. Arthur’s green eyes changed. His eyes are the same red glow the other two had, and as he looked at Andrei and Lukas, he growled, revealing his sharp fangs. You scream in shock and fall down.

“W-What are you guys!”

Andrei looks at you with an amused grin, Arthur looks sad as he sees you on the ground, and Lukas just stares at you with a not caring look in his eyes.

Lukas answers you, “We’re vampire of course. What else.” He takes another sip, like it was stupid of me not to know.  

Blood. You realized that they were drinking blood in the whine glasses.

You realized you had walked, willingly, right into a powerful and dangerous clan of vampire.

You were literally trapped in the monsters’ lair.
This is a 30:points: commission for :iconartisan-garden:
I'm So Sorry!! This is So Late! :iconotlplz: I Hope You like it!
Please Comment Everyone!!!!

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: Here!!
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7: Coming Soon!!

I do Not own Hetalia, Vampire England, Norway, Romania, or You.
I Do own the story line.

My Writing Commissions are Open Again!
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Some Examples:
Pirate!England X Slave ReaderAuthor's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Chapter 1:

Pirate!England POV~

Captain Kirkland and his crew just lands on the island to resupply. As he and his first mate are heading to the market. The captain is going through the list of items he needs to get.

I need more corn, flour, ropes, chains, and I could also use a new sword, h
Naga!England x Runaway!Reader (Commission)Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


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"Dang it! Not now! Come on don't die on me now!"

You scream at your slowing car. The gas gauge is pointed at 'E', and finally, after a lot of yelling, your car comes to a stop on a dirt road in the middle of a swamp. The car just had to die now huh? You wipe your wet and red eyes as you get
Merman!France x Artist!Reader (Commission)Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Reader POV~

You are standing on the beach. The warm sand, sliding through your barefoot toes, feels amazing. The salty air from the ocean hits your body, drying off your wet two-piece swimsuit with a flower design. The beach is clear of people. No one is in sight for miles. You just stand there enjoyi
Military!Germany X Rebel!ReaderAuthor's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Readers POV~

The sun shinning through the curtains wakes you up. Still tired you lean over feeling the bed for Ludwig, but the strong German man is not there. You sit up in the bed and see that he isn’t in the room. Worried, you change clothes and look for him.  You look all around the mansion.
Vampire!England x Artist!Reader Chapter 1Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Readers POV~

It is an ordinary day, and you are just about to finish a drawing of the ocean. You are a little worried because your deadline is coming up. You still can’t believe that you are a professional artist. It has always been your dream, and you always have had a love for art.  You smi
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