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December 25, 2012
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Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Reader POV~

You just arrived in Brasov, Romania. You couldn’t help yawning. It is one in the morning. You wonder why Arthur scheduled a flight that arrived in the middle of the night. At first you thought it was because it was the only flight available; however, there was another flight that would of arrived at eight a.m. You shrugged off the mystery like a bad itch. It doesn’t matter what time you got here. You were here in Romania for an art job. You stood there with you’re suitcase, wearing a jacket. It was cold here, colder than you are used to. You started to get nervous, not knowing what to do. Arthur said he would meet you here, but where is he? You still had no idea what he looked like. What if you never found him, and you where lost in Romania?

“Buna ziua (Good Day in Romanian), poppet.”

You turn around and see a sign with your name, ________(Name), on it. You look at the guy and can’t help but blushing a little. In front of you is a blond hair man with bright green eyes. He is wearing a black top hat, a blue suit with a green tie, making his eyes shine even more, and white gloves. He reminds of you of the old British TV shows you would watch late at night. He was the spitting image of the perfect gentlemen.  

“A-Are you Arthur Kirkland?”

He nods his head and smiles.

“Yes, ma'am. I am. It’s nice to meet you. I have a limo awaiting us to take us to Bran’s Castle. Thank you again for accepting this job. My employer will be so pleased!”

“A limo? Really? Wait…you’re employer? I was under the expression that you bought my art. You are the one whose ever contacted me.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, ______________ (Name). I guess I didn’t make that clear. I am like the agent. The pictures are for my boss. He loves you’re artwork, obsessed with it actually. He lives in the Bran’s Castle. A lot few of the family lives in the castle. I am one of them but don’t worry. There are enough rooms for you to have one all to yourself. The family is quite well off.”

You are too stunned to say anything. Arthur, who you have dreamed about, wasn’t the man who liked your art. You felt crushed even a little betrayed, but you were here in Romania. You had to go through with it. Besides, he still might like your art. You put on a fake smile and try to act professional.

“Oh, I did not know that. I was under the impression you bought my art. Well, we better get going. It’s already late.”

“Yes, ma'am. I’m sorry for the late pick up, but it is the only time that works for us. I’ll take your bags,” He grabs your luggage out from your hands, “If you will follow me.”

You follow Arthur through the airport. You were becoming extremely tired. All you wanted to do was to lie down and go to sleep. Finally, you make it to the parking lot, and Arthur leads you to the limo.

“Ladies first,” he says as he opens the door for you.

You get into the Limo and hear a “bang” as he puts your luggage into the limo. You sit there quietly as he drives out of the airport. You aren’t sure what to say.

“Ummm…Mr. Kirkland.”

“Please, call me Arthur.”

“A-Arthur, you have a British accent, but wasn’t that Romanian you spoke earlier?”

“Yes, I am British; however, I have lived here with my older brother Allistor, he’s the head of the family. Also, Romania and Norway live in the Bran’s Castle, but it’s so big you can go days without seeing anyone.”

“I can’t wait to meet…” you drift of to sleep in the middle of your sentence.

You are awoken by a sudden screech.

“What’s happening?”

“Stay quiet!” Arthur yells at you. Something was wrong. You stay quiet like he says.


Arthur swerves the car. “Shit! He’s on the roof!”

“Who’s on the roof?! What’s going on?”

Arthur stops the car suddenly. “Get out of the Limo.”

You do what he says, confused. You are on a dirt road in what looks like the middle of a forest. You see a shadow in the trees.

“Ma chère (My Dear), you look lovely this beautiful night.” There is a French man in a blue coat with long blond wavy hair in front of you.

“Ummm….who are-.”

“Francis Bonnefoy,” Arthur steps out of the car and stands in front of you.

“Ah!~ Arthur Kirkland. Looks like you brought a wonderful looking dinner home.~”

You step back. This man was creepy. He scared you.

“Stay away from her, Francis. Allistor has hired her to draw pictures for him. You wouldn’t go against the head of he clan. Now would you?”

Arthur gets a dark aura around him.

Francis laughs, “That old Poppycock! I don’t care what he does! Leader? I don’t care. I do what I want. I like that girl. Mon amour (My Love) won’t you come with me?”

Suddenly, you became dizzy. The world starts spinning. You feel like your about to faint.

“You French Bastard! You are using hypnoses on her aren’t you! I don’t like fighting family, but I’ve never liked you! You bloody wanker!”

You are still out of it, but you can tell Arthur is about to get serious. Your legs become weak. You feel yourself falling then someone catching you. Arthur and the creepy French dude are in front of you then who caught you?

“Hahahah. Did someone call for the hero?!”

Both France and Arthur say at the same time. “Alfred!?”

“Who else could be the hero?! Stay her, dear. I’ll protect you!”

You can’t understand them anymore. Everything is a blur. In a moment your world becomes black.

Alfred’s POV~

“I was hunting a rogue in Codlea when I heard Francis was in town. Wherever Francis goes, a trail of bodies always follows. I don’t know what Allistor wants with that girl, but as long as she’s safe I don’t care,” I declare.

“I promise you Alfred. Allistor is only hiring her for her artwork. You know Allistor has clamped down on the clan. No one in the family has killed a human in decades. They are always left alive. We have no beef with you, vampire hunter. However, that Francis! He has never learned to control his urges!” Arthur says with anger.

Francis replies, “Oh! You frog! I make art! Those humans are beautiful covered in red~ There’s nothing wrong in pleasuring them.” Francis smiles his pervy smile that only he can do.

I’m tired of this talk. I want to show off my hero skills! I pull out my special vampire-killing sword and twirl it in my hand to show off. I rush Francis. He blocks my hand, making sure not to touch the sword that would burn him. His blue eyes change to red and he bares his fangs at me.

“Ha? That’s the best you got, Perv? I’m the famous Alfred, Alfred the Vampire Hunter Hero!!” I shout.

I use my martial art skills to avoid his blows. I kick him in the stomach. He attacks me with his elongated nails, but I, being amazing, duck just in time. I know Francis weakness, his face. I hit him right in the eye, blacking it.

“Owe! N-Not the face! Not my gorgeous face! You…you monster! Keep the woman! There are many more I can take!” Francis yells in pain.

Francis jumps into the trees and runs away. I could chase after him, but the woman is in trouble. Ah, who am I kidding I’m just too lazy and don’t want to skip my midnight mealtime. I put my sword away and clap my hands together, proudly.

“Well, Arthur looks like I just saved your vampire butt!” I mock him with a wide smile on my face.

His green eyes change into blood red and his fangs pop out.

“I could of taken care of that wanker, wanker," Arthur says with irritation.

“It’s not wise to call a vampire hunter a ‘wanker’ you might just make me mad.” I stab back at him.

“PFT. I’m not worried. I can take you any day, Alfred,” Arthur says with a confident smile.

Arthur gets right in my face to threaten me. This old bat and I have been at it for centuries now. I started keeping score of wins and losses. I’m winning of course. Arthur rolls his eyes at me.

“That stupid score? You still do that? And, by my count I’m up by ten," says Arthur smugly.

“Don’t do that! I HATE it when you read my mind!” I yell at him, angry now.

“PFT. Trust me Alfred. There’s not much too read,” Arthur says to me, whole rolling his eyes.

“Why I outta!” I reply back.

“(Music) McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.~”

“OH! Sorry, Arthur I’ll duel you another day! It’s midnight meal time!” I say.

Arthur does a facepalm, “You never change Alfred. Thanks for helping me out, though I was perfectly capable of chasing of that perv myself!”

I roll my eyes at him, “Sure, you could of. Alfred the Vampire Hunter Hero will always be here to help the weak! I’ll fight you later, Arthur!”

I run off into the night. It was a job well done. I think I’ll have McDonalds tonight.~

Arthur’s POV~

As I see Alfred leave I can’t help but to shake my head. McDonalds? Really? All he ever thinks about is food. More than I do, and I’m the bloody vampire! I look at ______________ (Name), still lying on the ground. Stupid Francis, he used hypnosis on her. Now, she’ll be out almost the rest of the way to the castle. I pick her up and set her in the limo, buckling her up to make sure she’s safe. I still don’t get why Allistor likes this human’s artwork. They’re drawings, so what? I never understood art. That’s more Francis’s thing. ‘Turning humans into canvases.’ I shake my head. That man is a psycho perv. Whatever, the hunters won’t be investigating our family. Allistor only takes a little blood from each human and erases their memories if needs be. In fact, we probably are the most human friendly vampire family in existence. Whatever art or no art, I just want to pay Allistor so I can get more blood. Our supply is low, and now Allistor will only take _________ (Name) artwork in exchange for blood. Stupid family. If only we could get blood ourselves. Allistor is the only vampire in our family that can purify blood so we can drink it. I sigh at the whole situation. This girl has no idea what she has gotten into. I start the car and get back on the road. Only a few more hours and ____________ (Name) will be at Bran’s Castle.

Readers POV~

You become conscious for moment. You feel someone holding you in his arms.

‘It must be Arthur,’ you think, foggily, “His skin is cold, but it feels good.~”

You feel him buckle you up then, after a few minutes, you feel the car vibrate, as the car turns on. You feel the car move again. As you slowly fall back into a fuzzy sleep, the last think you manage to think is:

‘What awaits me at Bran’s castle?’
This is a 30:points: commission for :iconartisan-garden:
Wow, a lot of different POV's in this chapter.^^; You also get a little bit more info on the story plot.
What will happen to you at Bran's Castle? Wait for Chapter 3 and find out.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: Here!
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7: Coming Soon!!

I do Not own Hetalia, Vampire England, or You.
I Do own the story line.

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:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

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Francis sounds a whole lot like Grell from black butler.
Aurthur dude if I ever met him I'd say Arthur marry me
Me:YAY best day ever*fangirls into pillow*sees Frances reading twighlight walks over to him bangs and bangs his head against the wall yelling TWIGHLIGHT IS NOT LITURATURE YOU PERVERTED IDIOT
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