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Author's Note:

:star:Please!!! If you fav, Comment!! I need to know if my writings are liked, and feedback on what I should write next or what I need to change, helps me.:star:

Enjoy The Story!!


Reader POV~

“Are we there yet?” Your ten-year-old cousin speaks the classic and cheesy line that a kid would say on a road trip. Then like the first domino the others join in.

“Ya, when will we be there?” “How much longer?” “I can’t wait to get there!” “This Christmas vacation is going to be Awesome!”

While your relatives chime in, you sit in the backseat with headphones in your ears listening to your ipod, wishing you could be anywhere but here.

“We are here!” My enthusiastic mother explained.

“Yesss!!” All my nieces and nephews rush out of the car, and you hear their shoes hit the snow with a “squish.” You slowly get of the car and get your luggage. You are in the middle of the mountains of _______(Place). The mountains are covered in sparking white snow. It’s beautiful. No green was in site. Instead the world was covered in a white blanket. The wooden cabin your mother and father’s family rented together is large. The wooden house looks out of place in the wilderness. You walk around admiring the snow.

“___________(First Name) ____________(Last Name), how can you stand there in a t-shirt? It must be twenty degrees Fahrenheit put here!”

“Mother, I’m fine. I love the cold.”

“Well fine. When you get sick do not come crying to me.”

You roll your eyes at her. This is going to be another pointless vacation. You are always left out, forgotten, weird, or however anyone wanted to say ignored. Every vacation you are always ignored. Your parents spend more time with your relatives than you. Onetime, we went to a circus, and they left me. The got all the way to the airport before they realized I was gone and that was because they found my cellphone I had left in the car.

You go into the cabin and find your room. You are sharing a room with two of your nieces. They are eleven and twelve years old. They are talking and giggling as they make their beds ready. You put your bags down on the bed farthest away from the others. You lie down and sit there bored. You begin to drift off, and you fall asleep.

You dream about a white wonderland and a white haired boy, who is calling to you.

-Time Skip-

You are woken up by sunlight coming in from the window next to you bed. You slowly open your eyes, adjusting to the light. You look around the room, and you are the only one there. Your nieces are gone. You change clothes (light clothes because you like the cold). After you finish changing, you go through the house. No one s downstairs. You walk upstairs, and again, no one is there. The house is empty. No one’s sleeping, watching TV, or making food in the kitchen.

“I’m left behind again…”

You go into the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich. One the counter you see a brochure for zip lining, and the time 10:00a.m. is circled. You look at the clock on the wall. It says 10:10a.m. All you can do is shack your head.

“Of course, I’m left at the house alone. To be bored.”

At lest you had the TV. You finish your sandwich and head into the living room. You find the remote and attempt to turn it on. The screen stays black. You press the on button again. The screen remains black. All of a sudden anger overtakes you, and you throw the remote to the ground.

“Just leave me behind like I don’t exist! How can I even call you family!!”

Your heart rate increases, and you feel adrenaline pumping through your body. You wipe away a tear from your eyes. Your family always ignored you. You were used to it by now, but sometimes it still hurts you. You rush back into your bedroom, and pull out your suitcase from under your bed. Whenever you are emotional, there is always one thing that makes you feel better. You pull out your pencil bag and clipboard. You make sure every pencil and color is there. You close the bag, and carrying the bag and clipboard, head outside. You walk in the white snow and head out, not caring where you are going. You walk for about a mile, enjoying the cold and quiet. You are in the middle of a forest in the mountains. All of a sudden, the trees open up and there is an open field.

“Wow….” The beauty of this place stuns you. Trees surround this open field inclosing it with leafless tress. In the middle of the field is a small pond. You walk up to the pond and tap the surface with your foot. It’s frozen solid, but you were not about to risk stepping on it. There was a mountain covered in snow behind the pond.

“I wonder if anyone has been here in ages.”

Then all of a sudden you feel like you know this place…you gasp.

“This is the wonderland from my dream! How is this possible?”

Excited by this discovery, you get your clipboard out and your pencil bag. You start to draw the scenery. You wish you had brought your laptop. Then, you could draw this digitally. You like drawing digitally, but sometime traditional is the only way to go, especially when you are in the middle of a forest in the mountains full of snow in the winter. Soon, the world disappears. The only thing you are aware of is your artwork. You are so entranced in your art that you don’t see a white hair man walking up behind you.

Jack Frost POV~

I got bored of freezing cities and lakes. It was fun to prank the people there and watch there faces, when I would suddenly freeze their food or make them slip on the frozen sidewalk. There shocked “what just happened” face always makes me laugh. It’s so much fun being free. Free from rules, authority, and death. I twirl my wooden staff as I am flying through the snow-covered mountains.

“Wooo Hooo~!” Everything that isn’t already covered in snow or frozen, I happily make more snow or freeze. I take a deep breath, enjoying the smell of the cold and freedom. I have come to these mountains before. They are in the middle of nowhere. I come here when I want to be alone. About one hundred years ago, I created a clearing in the woods. I made a little pond that I could skate on. It became my secret hideaway from people. However, this time someone had invaded that hideaway.  As I fly near, I see a girl standing with a clipboard drawing. Curious and with an idea for fun, I sneak behind her and land in the woods. She didn’t even hear me. I giggle at the idea of her shocked face. Slowly I sneak behind her, until I am only a few inches from her back.

Readers POV~

You were coloring the snow tipped mountain when al of a sudden you hear a voice behind you.



You jump to the side, avoiding your clipboard. You are shocked. No one should be out here except you. Just in front of you is a white haired boy, who looks around eighteen, with ice blue eyes holding a wooden staff. He also was dying laughing.

“You should have seen your face! Haahahahaha!”

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Still giggling the strange man answers you, “Me? I’m Jack Frost! I spend my days spreading winter magic, making the world colder literally! I’m completely free from society’s rules and just have fun. As for why I’m here, I created this place. I should be asking YOU why you are here. What’s your name?”

You had to take a second to let all of what he said sink in.

“I-I’m _______(Name). Jack Frost? As in the mythical Jack Frost!? The one who is immortal and has winter powers?”

Jack smiles, “Yup! That’s me! I’m glade I’m famous. I was worried Santa was stealing all my thunder! With this my powers and this staff I can freeze anything!?”

You watch as he twirls the staff in his had and touched the snow. The snow freezes solid.

“T-That’s amazing! You created this place? How it looks like it’s been here for-”

“One hundred and two years ten months and something days. I lost count. Yup, I cleared away the trees and froze the pond. It’s been my hideaway for when humanity bores me.”

“Bored? That sounds like me.”

Jack heard saddens in your voice, and curiosity got the better of him.

“Why do you sound sad?”

You sigh. Why not tell him? It’s not like anyone would believe you when you say, “Hey! I went for a walk and saw Jack Frost! You know the magical boy with winter powers!” It was unlikely that he’d ever tell anyone. Plus, it’s not like it was a huge secret.

“I’m the ‘weird’ one in my family. I spend more time looking and drawing art than I do socializing. My parents ignore me. Actually, right now both sides of my family are here in a cabin that’s about a mile that way,” you point in the direction of the cabin, “I saw a brochure for a zip lining with the time 10:00a.m. marked. The house was empty, and it was 10:10a.m. I was forgotten and left behind, again. I bored cause the TV didn’t work. I got upset, so I went to do the one thing that calms me down, art. I love to draw either traditionally with pencils or digitally on the computer. I didn’t bring my computer because I was afraid it would get broken. I found this field and was blown away by its beauty. I was drawing it when you scared me.”

Jack Frost did something he rarely did. He actually listens attentively to everything you said.
“What kind of family is that?! See, that’s why I hate authority! They think they know everything better than you do, but they don’t! Well, they aren’t here now. I’ll make sure you have tons of fun! We can start by ice-skating! I can see you like the cold in your t-shirt. That’s my kind of girl!”

You blush at his comment and answer him, “Y-Yes, I’ve always loved the cold. I-Ice skating? I don’t know how to ice skate.”

“That’s okay! I’ll teach you!”

Jack grabs your hand and pulls you to the pond. He takes his staff and touched the pond.

“I’m just making sure it’s extra solid for you to skate on,” he says with a smile.

He jumps onto the frozen pond and stretches out his hand to you.

“Come on. It’s easy! I’ll help you.”

You hesitate for just a moment, and then give him your hand. You step onto the ice and automatically start slipping. Jack Frost grabs your waist stopping you from falling on the ice.

“Woe there!”

You blush as your face and his are close.


He balances you onto your feet.

“Now, slowly…”

You slowly begin moving on the ice. For the next hour he teaches you how to ice skate, and with a few close calls you are finally skating on your own.

“Woo hooo~!”  You scream in the air as you let your head fall back, open your arms, close your eyes, and enjoy the sweet and cold feel of freedom. You stop in front of Jack.

“That was so much fun! I can see why you enjoy your freedom so much!”

He smiles and spins his staff in his hand, showing off. “Heehehe! I told you! Come on lets go have some more fun~! Get on my back.”

For a moment all since of fear and uncertainty leaves you, and you do as he says.

“Hold on!”

All of a sudden, Jack is calling the wind to do his bidding, and you are lifting off of the ground.


You put your hands around his neck and hold on. In a few seconds you are high above the mountains.

“This is beautiful!”

You can see for miles and miles. There are snow-covered mountains all around you. The brown trees with snow-covered limbs are invisible on the blanket of snow that covers the ground. You are in between a sandwich. Above you is the blue sky and below you the white snow.

“I thought you’d like it.~”

Too soon the two of you arrive at a small town.

“Lets have some more fun!”

You two spend the next three hours pranking the local townspeople. You throw random snowballs at already annoying looking adults and you make people slip as Frost freezes the sidewalk. You then make ice shakes and relax in the local park laughing and talking the entire time. You leave the town flying on Jack Frost. You arrive back at the frozen pond, where you first Meet Jack.

“That was so much fun!~” You say to Jack.

“Ya, it was!”

“Tag, your it!” You touch Jacks shoulder and run off.

He chases you around the pond, and because he is getting frustrated at not being able to catch you, he starts flying. He crashes you to the ground with him laying on top of you. The two of you are laughing, when he notices your clipboard still standing where you left it.

“Hey, I want to see your drawing.” He gets off you, and walks over to your clipboard. You get nervous. No one ever saw your art before. You are worried he won’t like it. You see him stop motionless. Even his wooden staff, which he is always playing with, is still on the ground. You start to panic, but then he speaks.

“This…this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! And, I’ve been alive for 300 years! You are an amazing artist! How are you not rich and famous already?”

Your mouth drops open. You are overwhelmed with feeling. You are so happy and joyful that he loved your artwork. Not just anyone, but him.

“T-Thank You! Art is my escape. I guess you could compare it to your powers. It’s my way of feeling freedom.”

“It’s not right! You are so talented, but you are ignored!”

Suddenly, he looks like he has an idea.

“I know! Come with me to the North Pole! I’m sure Santa Clause will be happy to give you a job designing toys!”

You are so happy right now, you feel like you would agree to anything.


You and Jack fly all the way to the North Pole.

“This place is amazing!”

“There’s no time for site seeing! Lets go see Old Saint Nick.”

You walk into the main building. All of a sudden you and Jack hear a voice behind you.

“So, Jack. It’s not like you to come here, or do anything that isn’t for your own amusement anyway. Why, you bring that human here?”

Both of you turn around and see the Easter Bunny standing next to a wall, trying to look cool and failing at it.

“Hey, Bugs Bunny! Didn’t know you were here?”

It is obvious from the angry look on the Easter Bunny’s face that “Bugs Bunny” irritated him, and from the grin on Frosts face you knew he meant for it to piss him off.

“The old man called in. He needed some extra help in the Christmas rush. ‘help’ I word I’m sure you know nothing about.”

“Well, late rushed designs and re-makes will not be a problem anymore for Santa! _________(Name) here” he points to you,  “is an excellent artist.”

The Easter Bunny looks at you with doubt.

“Ya? Well, we will see.”

The three of you walk into an office passing busy elves fast at work, getting ready for Christmas.

Frost kicked the door open.

“Hey! Santa! I brought you someone I think you will like.”

“Jack? Why are-,” He stops speaking when the white beard man sees you, “Jack! You brought a human here?!”

“Chill Clause. She’s cool, literally. She loves the cold. ________(Name) here, is an amazing artist no joke. With her designing the toys there will never be a need to re-design, confusing diagrams, and faulty toys!”

“Really? Then young lady, lets test your skills. Design a new toy for more in two hours. I’ll get you set up here in my office. Everyone else will leave you alone to work.”

Santa goes to set up a place for me to draw.

“I bet you 100 dollars, Jack, that she will not make it.”

“You are on the ‘Easter Kangaroo’!” Jack shacks his paw with a smile, “I will be taking your money.”

“For the last time, I’m a bunny! And, I doubt it,” The Easter Bunny says with a grin.

The Easter Bunny walks out of the office.

“Okay, _______(Name) I have a station all set up for you to draw. Good Luck!” Santa says as he leaves the room, leaving you alone with Jack Frost.

“Alright _________(Name) blow them away with your artwork! Help me take 100 bucks from that arrogant rabbit.”

“I’ll try Jack.”

He leans in and kisses your cheek goodbye, “Good luck!”

As he shuts the door, you are still standing there shocked and blushing.

“Alright! I can do this for Jack!”
You go into your own world as you draw. Time doesn’t exist here, and you feel more freedom than anytime before. Maybe, that is because all you can think about is Jack Frost. The two-hour passes before you know it.

“Alright _________ (Name), stop put your pencils down.”

You stop drawing, and move away for Santa to look at your toy design. After Santa walks in, Jack and the Easter Bunny walk through the door behind him. Both look smug like they know they won. Everything is quiet for a few minutes.

Finally, Santa speaks, “_________ (Name), T-This is amazing! The design is flawless! What a great idea for a child’s toy!”

“T-Thanks. Thant means a lot coming from Santa Clause,” You say shyly.

The Easter Bunny gets a disbelief look, and Jack is beaming with pride.

“No way. Let me see.”

He moves toward the clipboard and looks shocked; however, he will never show it in front of Jack.

“T-This is okay,” he admits.

Jack floats over to the board and smiles.

He says confidently nodding his head, “Yup, I knew it. I told you she is amazing,” He gives you a quick wink like you two share a big secret, “Now, pay up kangaroo.”

Silently, he gives Frost the money he lost in the bet.

Santa rolls his eyes at their behavior and talks to you, “_________ (Name) I will come by later and see if your parents will agree to let you work for me. I normally never let myself be seen by normal humans, but I’ll make an exception this one time.”

You are excited. You never really fit in anywhere, and here you feel like you belong. These people can become your friends. You will be the human friend to the Guardians.

“Jack, take her back home. It must be almost sunset where she come from.”

You wonder how Santa knows where you were staying, but you didn’t question it.

Jack takes you by the hand, and the two of you fly back to the field with the pond. Santa was right. The closer you get back to the field it is getting darker. He sets you down on the ground. It is the exact spot he first scared you and you two first meet.
“_________ (Name)! That was amazing! The look on that rabbit’s face! Ha! It was Awesome! You are awesome!”

“I-I have to get back Jack! If it gets to dark I won’t be able to find the cabin.”

“Okay, I’ll travel with Santa when he meets your family.”

“Bye,” you say as you see him fly away. You wonder if you will really ever see him again.

-Time Skip-
(Christmas morning after gifts and the events are over. You and your family are just hanging out.)

As normal, you didn’t get anything good. Just clothes. They never ask you what you actually want. There is only one think you want this Christmas, but the later it gets the more doubt you have. Maybe it was all a dream or you are going crazy. Then you hear something on the roof. Suddenly, Santa comes down the chimney and Jack Frost flies through the widow into he second story of the cabin, where your entire family is at this moment.

“Jack!~ Your real. You came!”

“Duh! I’m real! Of course, I came. I said I would!”

Everyone in the room is shocked into silence.

For the next hour Santa explains the situation to the family, and your parents give you permission to work in Russia (aka. The North Pole).

Sana get’s on his sled and travels back to the North Pole. You are so excited! You and Jack go back to the field, where you first meet. You two are celebrating, laughing, and having fun the entire mile. You two arrive at the field and run around for a few minutes, enjoying freedom. You fall on the ground laughing and stand back up. You both stop laughing, and suddenly he gets quite. He gets really close to you and holds your shoulders. You can tell he’s excited and happy. You are so happy to have met him. Your life will never be the same. You both are smiling and your faces are only inches apart. Suddenly, your heart tugs and you feel something you have never felt before. His face jogs something in your memory, something forgotten. Your eyes widen when you understand, and you back away from him.

“________ (Name) What’s wrong?” He asks confused.

“Y-You! And…and, this place! I’ve seen it all before!”

“How is that possible? I’ve never met you before today.”

“My dream! I dreamed about you and this place last night! I remember…it was like a winter wonderland! The pond, the field, the snow, and you! It was all in my dream!”

Jack’s face is filled with wonder, and he walks up to you. He caresses your face in his hands.

“That’s proof. We were meant to be.”

You feel Jacks lips kiss yours. His lips are cold and soft against yours, but the cold is comforting to you. You are shocked at first, but then you make another discovery. That unknown feeling to you is love. For the first time you love someone. You are in love with Jack Frost. This kiss lasts for a few more seconds before he pulls away. You are both breathing a little hard, needing oxygen again to breath.

“You start crying. I love you Jack Frost. You’re so free, kind, fun, and cold. You’re coldness warms my heart in a way I’ve never felt before. I don’t want to work for Santa. I want to be with you.”

“_________(Name) I’ve had more fun with you than anyone else in my three hundred years. I-I feel something when I’m with you. Something warm in my ice-cold heart. Don’t worry about working with Santa. It’s where you belong. I could see you eyes when we were in his village. You belong there. I, myself, cannot stay one place long. I have to keep moving. I have to remain free,” you start crying harder not wanting him to leave you, “But I will visit you lots. I will never forget you. Don’t worry. Plus, you won’t be working all the time. We can have fun, causing mayhem in the human towns. We will always be together _________(Name) having winter fun forever.”

You two are both crying when you hug. Embracing the future together.


In the years that follow, you get to know all the guardians and have become their friend. You and Jack have been dating for a while. You continue to work at Santa’s workshop enjoying every minute of it.  Santa toys are much better, and there are no more rushes and few re-designs and re-makes. Sometimes you hang out with Jack in the village. Other times you go out with Jack and pull pranks on the town’s people, spreading his winter magic around the world. You help him create winter wonderlands for all to enjoy. You both sometimes go back the that circular field with the frozen pond where it all started; however, every year on the anniversary on the day you met you bot always go there. When you both are there looking at the wonderland where you first met and had fun, you both laugh, cry, love, and reminisce the day that changed both of your lives forever.

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I do Not own Jack Frost, Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, Rise of the Guardians, or you.
I do own the storyline.

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yup. it is something that is pretty depressing when you think about it though...
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